A colourful, fun and addictive game that will test your reflexes and leave you seeing stars. Tap your way through the challenging 20 levels or beat your highest score in survival mode- but beware of the black stars!

Whether you’re travelling through space or down in deep sea, make sure you are fast on your fingers or risk watching star points fade. Combo points and star rainbows are for the speedy fingers that can bag multiple stars in a row. Is this you? Star Rainbows is simple, easy to pickup and fun for all ages.

- Fun and addictive gameplay
- Bright and colourful graphics
- Themes include nature, outer space and underwater
- 20 fun and challenging levels
- Play Survival Mode and beat your highest score
- Get multiple stars in a row to gain combo points
- Fill your combo bar to get multi combos
- Avoid enemy stars or lose points